The Reflecting Tide
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       marionette princess | a xion fanmix

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yuki no sekai - hikaru nanase | tattered slippers - darkesword | dolls - rozenkreuz-p/kagamine rin | a shadow - yuki kajiura | the rose general - katethegreat19 | my dear feather - yuki kajiura | october - moccio | lost skies - sophie kazandjian | look away - thousand foot krutch | light over earthsea - jeff rona | awakening - mae | todoke kanai kimochi - tenmon | + 1 bonus track

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Forget Me Not: A Xion Fanmix


Forget Me Not- The Civil Wars

No One- Aly and AJ

Missing- Evanescence

Aftershocks - Broadway Cast of Next to Normal

Time to Say Goodbye- The London Wind Orchestra

Hymn for the Missing- Red

Abraham’s Daughter- Pickin’ on Series

Something Was Missing-Harry Connick Jr.
Hello Again- Alyson Stoner

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Dark Month - 11 - Lingering →


lingering - a kingdom hearts fanmix for xion

drawn together in the worst of times, the ephemeral path between living and leaving.

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Briefly, she existed. 

A forgotten fragment, an imposter, an experimental failure. 


She almost belonged. 

She was almost happy. 

Friends? Were they happy together? Was that what friends - 

Forever, against the world, together.


And then the grey messenger.

Confused reminiscence of a mind not hers. His. Hers. (sunshine and cloudless horizons, too many doors, not enough paths).

(rafts and gleeful screaming and soft sunsets in towering towns).

I’m sorry; you weren’t meant to live.

I’m sorry you weren’t. 

You were never meant to exist; not in this body.

You were created for another purpose.

One cannot live whilst the others exist. Survive. Breathe. Die.

Defeatless, she runs. He falters.

Fights. Follows.

Loses, ceases. Cries for nothing.

Isn’t someone missing? No, it’s always just been us. 

Us forever against the world. 

Of course there was no body. 

Did anyone die?

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(by かと @pixiv)

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(by ドラ @pixiv)

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(by かびたコムソウ @ pixiv)

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Memories of Nobody →

14 songs in something like chronological order. A fanmix for No. i.

(if you like to have your music with the original metadata intact, you can download another version here!)

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(by 暁人 @pixiv)

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(by サト @pixiv)

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